Uganda Red Cross praised for excellent First Aid services at the NSSF Hash Run

Friday, 06 April 2018 01:24
Uganda Red Cross first aiders helping runers who failed to complete the 21KM Marathon due
to sustained minor injuries board a Red Cross ambulance.

Uganda Red Cross society was hailed for its participation and excellent services provided at the NSSF 7 Hills Run that took place on the 25th March 2018. The run was organized by National Social Security Fund (NSSF) in partnership with Kampala Capital City Authority (KCAA) and Kampala Hash House Harriers. 

Uganda Red Cross over 50 years is known for its emergency response skills and the competence built over time attracts many corporate companies to hire the commercial ambulance and First Aid Services. Uganda Red Cross deployed over 50 highly trained and skilled first aiders and 3 fully equipped Ambulances to attend to all the runners who needed emergency health services.

“First Aid is an emergency response activity which is one of core competences. We were here as early as 5:30am, ready to offer lifesaving interventions to whoever requires attention. We deployed a team of highly trained and skilled first aiders, doctors and nurses and our major role was to ensure that support the injured, give immediate first aid and refer any complicated cases to the Hospitals during and after the run. We received great feedback and we have done our best to support everyone who needed our service.” said Irene Nakasiita who coordinated the event.

Uganda Red Cross volunteers during a massaging session at the NSSF Run

The run attracted over 1,500 people from different corporate agencies and their contributions were directed towards improving government aided primary schools under the management of Kampala Capital City Authority. According to Jonathan Adengo, the Corporate Social Responsibility Manager for Corporate Image, one of the event partner organizers, it would have been really hard for them to have a successful marathon / run without the Red Cross.

“Red Cross always does great work during such functions. I know they also manage the MTN Marathon, which is one of the biggest runs organized in Uganda. They have always done a commendable job and from what I have seen and heard, we would have never managed without their hand in this. We can’t thank them enough. Adengo added. The Kampala Hash Seven Hills Run marked its 3rd anniversary and Uganda Red Cross has been with the organizers, offering emergency health services since the run’s in 2016. 

Other participants appreciated the services offered especially the muscle soothing touch after the run.

 “I was feeling terrible after covering the 21kms but to my relief, the Red Cross tent was waiting for me. I had some good massage and I really appreciate the professionalism and skill. I participated in the Kilimanjaro run last month but I guarantee you the first aid here beats what I got in Tanzania by all standards.” said Harriet Nangobi, a Hash Runner at the marathon.

According to Twaha Ayub, a Red Cross senior first aider at the event, the team braved the Sunday morning heavy drizzle and worked without rest till the end of the marathon.

Uganda Red Cross Ambulances were with the NSSF HASH Runners all the way through
the 21km marathon

“We attended to about 600 people in our tent and we are glad there were no major complications expect for a few bruises. The team mainly handled muscle pains, muscle strains and some cases of headache. We offered professional massage and body stretches and every one left happy.” Ayub said

This year’s run attracted quite a number of notables who included Prince Charles Wasajja the prince of Buganda, Vision Group’s Chief Executive Officer Robert Kabushenga, NSSF Managing Director Richard Byarugaba, Sportsmen, artists among others. 

On the same day, Uganda Red Cross also offered first aid services at the Makerere University run which had over 5,000 participants. The team at Makerere was equally applauded for the great job done after giving lifesaving services to the runners.

“We had over 400 people flooding our tent and we are glad to have handled each one of them. We have a team of skilled professional first aiders on ground who have been working since dawn. We also had a blood donation drive which yielded over 106 units of blood. We shot two birds with one stone.” said Abbas Bogere, the Red Cross Branch Manager, Kampala East- the team that managed the Makerere University run.


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