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Lutheran World Relief Donates Items Worth 800,000,000 Million to Uganda Red Cross Society

Wednesday, 09 November 2016 09:13 Written by

Lutheran World Relief (LWR) handed over items worth 250,000 USD (Approx. UGX 800,000,000) to Uganda Red Cross Society. The donations that included 160 Bales of Blankets and 220 cartons of school kits were handed over to the Secretary General of the Red Cross at their offices in Rubaga in August 2016.

The donation came at a time when Uganda is facing an influx of refugees and asylum seekers fleeing conflict in South Sudan.  It has been reported that over 299,000 South Sudanese refugees displaced by violence crossed the border into Uganda in July, according to Andreas Needham the United Nations refugee agency (UNHCR) agency spokesman. The agency noted that  over 2000 South Sudanese arrive in Uganda each day. This crisis has severely stretched the capacity of Uganda’s refugee centres and constrained the country in terms of providing social services, food, health, education, water and sanitation services to the refugees and therefore any help accorded by donors goes a long way in making a huge impact to the refugees.

While addressing the press during the handover of the items at the Uganda Red Cross offices in Rubaga, Kenneth Barigye, the Lutheran World Relief Country Director said, “We at Lutheran are happy that we are able to contribute even so little to help make the lives of those fleeing violence a little better away from their homes.”

According to Robert Kwesiga, the Secretary General-Uganda Red Cross Society, these donations will benefit the refugees surviving in refugee Camps in Yumbe & ‘Adjumani. “Many refugees who recently moved from South Sudan are camping in the different settlements, and they need our support. More so, we have shifted some to Yumbe to decongest the settlements in Adjumani. These donations we believe will benefit especially those recently shifted since they are in a more –hard to reach area, and as they settle in, we hope to distribute these items to them to enable them live a fairly decent life.”

Since 1985, LWR has been working with local partners in Uganda to address the root causes of poverty and improve the livelihoods of people in the community. “In making this donation to The Red Cross, we continue with our work of trying to improve the lives of people. We hope these items will provide emergency relief and support the camp's crowded schools and health centres.” Said Barigye.

“The scholastic materials will support children as they enroll in schools next term. Thank you LWR, and we pray that more partners will come on board and trust us with more resources to meet the needs of these vulnerable people,” Kwesiga said.

Each school kit donated by Lutheran World Relief has;

  •  4 70-sheet notebooks, 8 in. x 10.5 in. (20 cm x 26.5 cm)
  • 1 pair of blunt scissors
  • 1 30-centimeter ruler
  • 1 pencil sharpene
  • 5 new, unsharpened pencils with erasers
  • 5 ballpoint pens
  • 1 eraser, 2.5 inches (6.35 cm)
  • 1 box of 16- or 24-count crayons
  • 1 cloth drawstring backpack to carry the supplies


“We want to appreciate partners like LWR who have come up to trust Uganda Red Cross with resources to support these emergency operations. We appreciate this partnership and the resources given to support the vulnerable people.” Said Robert Kwesiga

Lifesaving skills imparted to Boda-boda cyclist

Wednesday, 09 November 2016 05:53 Written by

Dr. Michael Edgar Muhumuza, a consultant neurosurgeon at Mulago hospital, according the Daily Monitor of 7th July 7, 2016, says that 80% of the patients suffering from a number of conditions such as brain tumors, congenital abnormalities and trauma are victims of boda boda accidents. Given this rate of “bodaboda” accidents, the Uganda Red cross Society has taken the initiative to train “bodaboda” cyclists under an umbrella organization named as safe “boda”. In this project, “boda boda” cyclists are trained on road safety and first aid. Among those trained is Samuel Katumba, a cyclist in Rubaga along Nabunya road.

Samuel is a 26 year old father of one who currently depends on income from his “boda boda”. He found out about safe boda in 2014 from his Red Cross branch, Kampala west, where he is a member. He admired safe boda because of the way they look/dress but feared to join at first as he wanted to first learn more about it. He joined a year later and since then, he didn’t turn back.

Samuel is a 26 year old father of one who currently depends on income from his “boda boda”. He found out about safe boda in 2014 from his Red Cross branch, Kampala west, where he is a member. He admired safe boda because of the way they look/dress but feared to join at first as he wanted to first learn more about it. He joined a year later and since then, he didn’t turn back.

Many of his fellow cyclists admire the way he conducts himself, dresses and does his job as a safe “boda” practitioner. Samuel used to be shabby before. He also got involved in two accidents and he didn’t know how to interpret road signs. The story is now different.

Samuel blames many of the “boda boda” accidents on carelessness of the riders and also the drugs that they use. “Many of them take a lot of drugs and are never sober enough to ride safely”. He adds. While interviewing other cyclists, it came out clearly that most of them work day and night and only take off two hours to rest on their boda bodas under a shade. This fatigues them hence dozing at work.

Samuel encourages his fellow colleagues to become Red Cross volunteers. This will give them a chance of being trained in first aid and road safety which will make them better at their job as well as having it as a life skill


Amani Waghe Nabhirewo

Monday, 07 November 2016 11:12 Written by

This is a Rukonzo statement meaning “I have saved my energy”. Janet Biira, 25 year old mother of three stays in Busamba 111 village – Bundibugyo District in western Uganda. She uses the statement to refer to the energy saving stove, which she got to know about from the Uganda Red Cross Society under the synergy-climate change adaptation project. Under this project, the URCS is training people to make energy saving stoves. People in rural areas use firewood as a source of fuel to cook their food, and yet cutting down trees is dangerous to the environment. ”

This stove is environmentally friendly as it uses less firewood. These stoves have been piloted in 30 homes so far, and more families are expected to be reached with the same. In a bid to establish self-sustaining families, URCS has trained more people to make such stoves. Over 48 trainers of trainees have been trained to equip others with the same skills and it is believed that more communities will adopt this method and save the environment.

Janet stays with other 9 people in her home. She is a primary four drop out and separated with her husband in May, 2015. She uses an energy saving stove to cook food for the ten people who stay in this home. Previously, Janet was using the three traditional stones to cook food but when the Uganda Red Cross synergy project started in Busamba parish, she was able to construct an energy saving stove which she uses now to cook food for her people.

“Before I got the energy saving stove, I would use a lot of fire wood which I collect from the mountain. Every month, I would use 8 bundles, but these days I use not more than three bundles per month.  I collect fire wood from Mbatya valley which is about 4 kilometers away from my home. I use less energy, less force and I have time to do a lot more than before” she adds.


Bundibugyo Receive Food And NFIs

Thursday, 30 June 2016 06:59 Written by

Over 710 households in today were excited after receiving food, Jerricans, and soap from Uganda Red Cross Society.
Residents of Humya – Sub County in Bubukwang community, Bundibugyo District were recently affected by heavy rains. Over 1000 people were affected and many left homeless.

Uganda Red Cross in partnership with UNICEF Uganda and Office of the Prime Minister mobilized food, Jerricans and soap as relief support to the victims. Speaking to the Media yesterday, Robert Kwesiga the Secretary General of Uganda Red Cross appreciated UNICEF and OPM as good partners who have supported this Emergency Operation since March 2016 when the people of Bundibugyo got involved in inter-tribal conflicts that left many dead, injured and many others displaced.

The displaced persons are apparently being hosted at Bubukwang Camp and Uganda Red Cross, UNICEF Uganda have been active partners offering basic support in form of Hygiene and sanitation for good health, extending Clean Water, shelter, psycho-social support and food items to these IPDs. “We are hosting over 640 people in this Bubukwang camp alone.We gave them food last week and today we are here to give emergency relief to these people who were grossly affected by floods recently. We thank UNICEF and OPM for extending a hand of support to enable us perform our Mandate in this Country, and more so to these our friends in-need.” Said Robert Kwesiga, Secretary General at Uganda Red Cross Society.

Bundibugyo is one of the areas in Uganda that is known for flooding. When it rains, river Humya breaks its banks and over flows to most of the low lying areas and destroys thousands of property. Well known for growing cocoa, a major cash crop that brings in revenue for many house-holds, Bundibugyo has little food coming through to feed the residents hence leaving many hungry especially during the Dry season. This community remains needy. Looking at the number of people still in Camps, and those affected by floods recently, it is not clear what the future holds for them.

Those in the camps are still in fear and can’t settle in their former communities because of the inter-tribal insecurity, while those in flood prone areas fear for the un-certain rain patterns that affect them each time it rains. Uganda Red Cross is the only Humanitarian Organisation that runs to the rescue of such people when such catastrophes happen. However, URCS cannot function without support from partners and therefore appreciates UNICEF for the long term partnership spirit exhibited through this Bundibugyo Operation.

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