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The Youth 4 Part Programm
Who we are
The Uganda Red Cross Society is the leading humanitarian organisation in Uganda. Since its inception in 1939 as a small women’s emergency organisation, Uganda Red Cross has developed over the years into a formidable well-respected humanitarian agency. In 1941, it became a brach of the British Red Cross. The Uganda Red Cross constitution was adopted by an “Act of Parliament in 1964” as a member of the International Federation of Red Cross and Red Crescent in 1965.

Youth Moto: Serve one Another
URCS Vision: A partner of choice in Uganda in Saving lives, Building Resilent Communities and Promoting Human Digity.
URCS Mission: To fulfill the Uganda Red Cross mandate and obligation in delivering quality and sustainable humanitarian assistance.

The Youth 4 Part Program:
The Youth 4 Part Program is a four dimension set of major activity involvement parts for young people everywhere for everyone.
Each dimension consists of sub activities that can be done by the young people at all levels wherever.

The Youth 4 Part Program covers largely the entire youth department with involvement of branches where their youth can be stronger. The Youth 4 Part Programs consists of the following dimensions;
  1. Dissemination of Red Cross Information and the IHL
  2. Protection of Health and Life
  3. Community Services
  4. Promotion of friendship and understanding (International & Local).
Each of the above dimensions has activities or a set of activities that can  be  done  by  the  youth  in  all  the  51  branches  of  the  URCS.  These  activities  are  dependent  on  a  SWOT  analysis  done  by  the  Branch  Youth Council Executives to pool only those in which their youth can perform strongest.

1. Dissemination of Red Cross Information and the IHL. 
The  young  people  are  endowed  with  meticulous  energy  to  pass  on  the gospel of the Red Cross movement, all the youth in their branches should have this responsibility at heart. This can be done through the following means;

a.Developing  Youth  Literature  (IEC  Materials  like  fliers,  Brochures, Dissemination  Manuals  among  others).  This  will  properly  align  the  right  messages  to  relay  to  the  people  when  disseminating  and  also  creates continuity in the branches for reference purposes for anyone including step – in clients who want to become members.

b.Quiz  Competitions/Link  to  Link  Debates:  the  young  people  can  get involved in organizing debates set upon the subjects within the dissemination  matter  which  could  create  an  environment  of  better. understanding of some Red Cross Principles and Concepts. The branches through  the  Youth  Councils  can  also  organize  quiz  competitions  set  in  the  same  premise  and  by  doing  this  information  about  the  Red  Cross  Movement  is  being  passed  on  to  the  public.  The  quiz  can  be  blended  with current affairs, sports, health and any other relevant information to the youths and public.

c. Music, Dance and Dramma events/Talent Show/Search: The Branch Youth  Councils  can  organize  Music  dance  and  drama  events  that  can  foster  the  passing  on  of  Red  Cross  information  to  the  public  through  artistic and creative ways.

d. Youth Camps (Senior & Junior): organizing such camps brings forth an opportunity for recruitment and retention of members through dissemination. The Youth Councils should organize camps to  bring  members  into  the  society  and  this  can  only  be  done  through  dissemination.

e. Essay  Writing:  Young  people  can  be  engaged  in  writing  essays  on  topics  that  enable  dissemination  to  done.  At  branch  level  this  can  be  done  through  the  links  and  the  headquarter  can  adopt  it  through  the  branches.

f. Newspapers/ Website Articles

g. Weekly/Monthly Link Dissemination Sessions.  The  Vice  Chairperson  of  the  Branch  Youth  Council  Executive  is  responsible for this role.

2. Protection of Health and Life. The youth are pillars of health in their communities and therefore its very important that they participate in activities that promote better health standards in their communities. The following activities can be implemented in this dimension of the Youth 4 Part Program.
Blood Donor Recruitment
  1.  HIV/AID Sensitizations and Campaigns
  2. Epidemic/Pandemic Risk Communication
  3. First Aid Trainings and Services
  4. Vaccine Sensitization (HPV, COVID-19, Killer Diseases)f.  Health Camps.
3. Community Services.  The  youth  in  the  branches  should  be  empowered  to  engage  in  community  work  that  gives  the  communities  better  shape.  This  can be done through the following;
  1. Community Sanitation Drives
  2. Tree Planting
  3. Road Safety Campaigns
  4. Community Based Project Planning & Management
  5. Bore hole & Lake Shore sanitation drives.
4. Promotion of Friendship and Understanding (Local & International);
This can be done through the following activities by the Branch Youth Councils;
  1. Youth Exchange Visits
  2. Monthly Youth Fun Fellowships
  3. Developing Youth Friendly Corners
  4. Annual Youth Camps
  5. Youth Sports Events (sports galas)
  6. Youth MDD Competitions/Talent Shows
  7. Youth Day Celebrations Link to Link Activity
  8. Exchanges Engagement of youths
Dissemination of Red Cross principles and International Humanitarian Law
  • Dissemination of Red Cross principles and International Humanitarian Law
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URCS Contacts

Plot 551/555 Rubaga Road.
P.O. Box 494, Kampala Uganda.
Tel:     (256) 414 258701
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