Over 400,000 Red Cross Volunteers to support local authorities

Tuesday, 01 December 2020 08:47

Over 400,000 Red Cross Volunteers to support local authorities in implementing the National Community Engagement Strategy on COVID-19 Prevention.

The government of Uganda together with the Uganda Red Cross society and other stake holders held a media briefing at the office of the prime minister to roll out the community engagement strategy on 26th November 2020 at the Office of the Prime Minister.

The Rt. Hon Prime Minister Dr. Ruhakana Rugunda presided over the briefing. In his address he noted with concern the level of complacency in the communities at a time when Uganda should be tightening vigilance.

According to the Ministry of Health, Uganda is currently experiencing phase four of COVID-19 outbreak with at least 70 districts reporting cases weekly amidst low levels of adherence to the COVID-19 SOPs as guided by the Health experts and the Presidential directives on the same.The objective of the community engagement strategy is to draw attention of the general public to COVID-19 as a reality and also recruit public support.

The Prime Minister noted that the Government will immediately undertake the roll out of COVID-19 Strategy, involving village task forces which will be established at every village level. He further explained that village COVID-19 task forces will go a long way in addressing and mitigating the spread of COVID-19.

“The village task forces will carry out prompt identification of COVID-19 cases, guide and support prompt testing and sensitization of the communities. Our aim is to have all people in Uganda aware and participating actively in preventing the spread of COVID-19 both as a duty and as a right” Said the Premier.

The village task force will be comprised of Local Councils, District Chief Administration Officers, Resident District Commissioners, and Village Health Teams who will work closely with the Uganda Red Cross Volunteers to carry out community sensitization and enforce the SOPs on COVID-19 prevention.

The Uganda Red Cross Secretary General Robert Kwesiga highlighted that Uganda Red Cross society will deploy over 400,000 volunteers to complement the Government efforts in rolling out the National Community Engagement Strategy. “We the non-state actors have a contribution to make while fighting the pandemic. Let’s bring financial, human, technical resources on board to add to the government resources and manage the pandemic. Uganda Red Cross has committed resources and we have already started in Kampala, and other high risk areas in the Country.” Kwesiga added.

Kwesiga also said the Uganda Red Cross society will ensure that the community engagement strategy is rolled out to the community level and upscale the efforts in curbing the spread of COVID-19 with support from the International Federation of the Red Cross and Red Crescent societies. Professor Francis Omaswa the Chairperson of the National Community Engagement Subcommittee said the basic tool for fighting COVID-19 is at village level and that is why the Strategy is placing the responsibility in the hands of the citizens through their local leaders. To access copy of the National Community Engagement Strategy, Please click here

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