Bundibugyo Receive Food And NFIs


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Bundibugyo Receive Food And NFIs

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Over 710 households in today were excited after receiving food, Jerricans, and soap from Uganda Red Cross Society.
Residents of Humya – Sub County in Bubukwang community, Bundibugyo District were recently affected by heavy rains. Over 1000 people were affected and many left homeless.

Uganda Red Cross in partnership with UNICEF Uganda and Office of the Prime Minister mobilized food, Jerricans and soap as relief support to the victims. Speaking to the Media yesterday, Robert Kwesiga the Secretary General of Uganda Red Cross appreciated UNICEF and OPM as good partners who have supported this Emergency Operation since March 2016 when the people of Bundibugyo got involved in inter-tribal conflicts that left many dead, injured and many others displaced.

The displaced persons are apparently being hosted at Bubukwang Camp and Uganda Red Cross, UNICEF Uganda have been active partners offering basic support in form of Hygiene and sanitation for good health, extending Clean Water, shelter, psycho-social support and food items to these IPDs. “We are hosting over 640 people in this Bubukwang camp alone.We gave them food last week and today we are here to give emergency relief to these people who were grossly affected by floods recently. We thank UNICEF and OPM for extending a hand of support to enable us perform our Mandate in this Country, and more so to these our friends in-need.” Said Robert Kwesiga, Secretary General at Uganda Red Cross Society.

Bundibugyo is one of the areas in Uganda that is known for flooding. When it rains, river Humya breaks its banks and over flows to most of the low lying areas and destroys thousands of property. Well known for growing cocoa, a major cash crop that brings in revenue for many house-holds, Bundibugyo has little food coming through to feed the residents hence leaving many hungry especially during the Dry season. This community remains needy. Looking at the number of people still in Camps, and those affected by floods recently, it is not clear what the future holds for them.

Those in the camps are still in fear and can’t settle in their former communities because of the inter-tribal insecurity, while those in flood prone areas fear for the un-certain rain patterns that affect them each time it rains. Uganda Red Cross is the only Humanitarian Organisation that runs to the rescue of such people when such catastrophes happen. However, URCS cannot function without support from partners and therefore appreciates UNICEF for the long term partnership spirit exhibited through this Bundibugyo Operation.

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