Lifesaving skills imparted to Boda-boda cyclist


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Lifesaving skills imparted to Boda-boda cyclist

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Lifesaving skills imparted to Boda-boda cyclist
Dr. Michael Edgar Muhumuza, a consultant neurosurgeon at Mulago hospital, according the Daily Monitor of 7th July 7, 2016, says that 80% of the patients suffering from a number of conditions such as brain tumors, congenital abnormalities and trauma are victims of boda boda accidents. Given this rate of “bodaboda” accidents, the Uganda Red cross Society has taken the initiative to train “bodaboda” cyclists under an umbrella organization named as safe “boda”. In this project, “boda boda” cyclists are trained on road safety and first aid. Among those trained is Samuel Katumba, a cyclist in Rubaga along Nabunya road.

Samuel demonstrating how safe a passenger can be on his ”boda boda” as he is also given a helmet. He was taught about road safety by the URCS.

Samuel is a 26 year old father of one who currently depends on income from his “boda boda”. He found out about safe boda in 2014 from his Red Cross branch, Kampala west, where he is a member. He admired safe boda because of the way they look/dress but feared to join at first as he wanted to first learn more about it. He joined a year later and since then, he didn’t turn back.

He has noticed a difference in his profession ever since he joined safe boda. People respect him because he looks smart and he conducts himself in a professional way. The training helped him know how best he can use the road as well as respecting other road users.  “I have never been involved in any accident since I joined safe boda and I cannot find an injured person and I fail to help. I know what to do.” He says.

Many of his fellow cyclists admire the way he conducts himself, dresses and does his job as a safe “boda” practitioner. Samuel used to be shabby before. He also got involved in two accidents and he didn’t know how to interpret road signs. The story is now different.

Samuel blames many of the “boda boda” accidents on carelessness of the riders and also the drugs that they use. “Many of them take a lot of drugs and are never sober enough to ride safely”. He adds. While interviewing other cyclists, it came out clearly that most of them work day and night and only take off two hours to rest on their boda bodas under a shade. This fatigues them hence dozing at work.

Samuel encourages his fellow colleagues to become Red Cross volunteers. This will give them a chance of being trained in first aid and road safety which will make them better at their job as well as having it as a life skill.


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