Red Cross distributes relief to flash floods affected families in Bundibugyo.


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Red Cross distributes relief to flash floods affected families in Bundibugyo.

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Diana Tumuhimbise Branch Manager Bundibugyo giving relief to one of the victims.

Excitement filled residents of Kirumya parish and surrounding villages of Bundinagwara 1, Bugando 11 Habendu ,Kirumya East and Central as they carried home relief nonfood items.

According to the URCS assessment (July 2019), 285 households with a population of 2834 people were affected in the recent flash floods. Uganda Red Cross positioned relief to support all affected families to help them cope.

Families lined up to carry home 3731 NFI kits that included blankets, soap, aluminum cups, sauce pans, plates, basins and Tarpaulins.

In Bundibugyo, Ntoroko and neighboring communities, a lot of infrastructure like roads have developed huge cracks which pose a huge risk to people.
The Red Cross has now embarked on efforts to sensitize the public about the dangers of disasters and how these can be mitigated.

Diana Tumuhimbise branch Manager Uganda Red Cross Society Bundibugyo Branch noted that as soon as this disaster hit the district, we patterned with the district officials and carried out an assessment on ground level, she added that "Uganda Red Cross Society ( URCS) together with the International Committee of the Red Cross (ICRC) came up to support the affected victims , the affected people were given psychosocial support by ensuring health is maintained so as to avoid other epidemics like cholera that might come up as a result of the disaster".
In addition, the woman Member of Parliament Hon. Bebona Babungi Josephine explained that the nature of the district is steep and when the rain pours Rivers like river Kirumya feels up and burst into the residents, she then thanked the Uganda Red Cross Society for always reacting quickly when a disaster has hit the area.

Bebona also thanked the Office of the Prime Minister for distributing food to the affected people. On a similar note, she argued residents to stay calm in this kind of situation as the government is working to see that all the affected people are helped.

According to the Budget Monitoring and Accountability Unit Ministry of Finance, Planning and Economic Development report of May 2019, "The State shall institute effective machinery for dealing with any disaster arising out of natural calamities or any situation resulting in the general displacement of people or serious disruption of their normal life. This, therefore, brings hopes to the people who are affected by natural disasters all the country.
As heavy rains continue in the country, people living around disaster-prone areas are called upon to take heed and seek safety in safer areas.

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