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“A lot of positive change taking place
in the National Society, and strategic
partnerships sealed to support the
growing refugee operations in Northern
Uganda (WestNile) and the DRC refugee
influx in Western Uganda

Uganda Red Cross Society quarterly publication. NEWSLETTER Issue 1 MARCH 2018

The Humanitarian is here again. It is a quarterly News Letter Publication of this National Society. Thank you for your commitment to read and follow new developments happening at Uganda Red Cross. A lot of positive change taking place and strategic partnerships sealed to support the growing refugee operations in Northern Uganda (West Nile) and the DRC refugee influx in Western Uganda. Uganda Red Cross continues to be a partner of choice in saving lives and promoting human dignity. We alleviate the suffering of people through emergency response that aims at saving lives of people.

I therefore invite you to read the details and appreciate the tremendous work done by staff and volunteers and how their efforts contributeto the well-being of the vulnerable people we serve in the communities.

I hope you enjoy this first issue of the year 2018 and feel free to share any feedback with us through the contacts provided the back of this publication

Thank you

Irene Nakasiita

Cordinator Public Relations & Communications


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“We appreciate your loyalty to this
publication and your feedback
through our several communication

Uganda Red Cross Society quarterly publication. Issue 3 OCTOBER 2017

Dear readers, URCS brings you updates since the last edition of our Newsletter, the “Humanitarian.” We appreciate your loyalty to this publication and your feedback through our several communication platforms. I also thank our donors for your continued support that has enabled URCS to implement programs which impacts lives of the vulnerable people.

As our core mandate, URCS has responded to many disasters in the country which have occurred mainly due to climate change as well as the political situation in South Sudan which forces many South Sudanese nationals into Uganda. Our operations in West Nile are still on-going and Red Cross is at the fore front of providing Humanitarian support to the refugees. I now invite you to download from the download link up and  read the stories (voices) from the beneficiaries of our services as well as highlights from our operations country wide.

Thank you 

Irene Nakasiita

Cordinator Public Relations & Communications


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Dear esteemed reader, 

I welcome you to yet another remarkable edition of the Humanitarian. We appreciate your interest in this quarterly Newsletter. We are grateful for the time you spare to read, appreciate and more so, share compliments and comments with us. We keep improving our services through your kind observations.

This is the second edition of the year. It is well packaged to educate, inform and remind you of the Red Cross cause in Uganda.  In this issue, we bring you highlights of the major events and activities we undertook since May 2017. These among others include the Red Cross Day celebrations, the Refugee Solidarity Summit (June 22,23), our emergency preparedness and response exhibited through a number of activities done through the branch networks, as well as other highlights of on-going activities in the country.We appreciate our partners, donors, volunteers and members for your continued support to Uganda Red Cross. We would not have done much without your support. We encourage you to keep up the spirit. “HINIVUU!” 

I take this opportunity to invite the general public to associate with the Uganda Red Cross. It is service for the wellbeing of others and especially improving lives of the vulnerable. 

Join today as a member, volunteer, good will ambassador and we will together make a contribution to saving lives and giving people a chance to live with dignity.I also invite you to read on and acquaint yourself with what Red Cross does and become a part of us today.

Please download our publication from the download link at your top right hand. Enjoy

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pdf.pngNGO Humanitarian Actor's Solidairity Summit Side Event HOT
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The role of Humanitarian, Development NGOs and the civil society in addressing the humantarian development nexus in supporting refugees and host communities

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pdf.pngURCS Humanitarian Issue 1-March-2017 HOT
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Dear friend,

Uganda Red Cross is pleased to share with you a copy of our Quarterly News Letter, the "Humanitarian".This is the first issue of the Year 2017 and we pray you enjoy reading it.For any comments, please write to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

Please click on  the download Link  to get a copy of the Humantarian .

Thank you.

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URCS Contacts

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P.O. Box 494, Kampala Uganda.
Tel:     (256) 414 258701
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